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  • October 01 — Park Ridge, Illinois is considering adding criminal background checks as a requirement for resident volunteers who serve on the city's boards and commissions. Background checks could be a helpful aid to the aldermen in charge of interviewing and recommending residents for board or commission positions.
  • September 29 — Wisconsin is launching a test program to implement background checks for individuals applying for social work licenses. At the moment, licenses are issued with no form of criminal background screening required.
  • September 23 — A Missouri town has spent the past year working on a new background check policy for youth sports volunteers. The policy, which includes state and multi-jurisdictional criminal checks and address history reports, sounds like it was worth the wait.
  • September 22 — A charter school in the San Jose area has been temporarily shut down after an employee was arrested for molesting a student. The school, evidently, had failed to run background checks before opening this past August.
  • September 20 — A new policy will soon go into effect in Fort Lauderdale, regulating the use of vacation rental properties in the area. The law already includes limitations on the properties that sex offenders can rent, but Fort Lauderdale residents want comprehensive background checks to keep other threatening criminals out of the area at high tourist traffic times.
  • September 17 — Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education recently implemented a new policy to mandate background checks for all faculty members. Now, that policy has been stalled by an injunction, requested by the state's college faculty union.
  • September 15 — In Massachusetts, an investigation revealed 13 license fraud cases amount nurses. Regulators are looking to tighten background checks for nursing licenses.
  • September 14 — For the past few years, the University of Illinois has been in the process of revamping its criminal background check policies for new hires. Now, the university's Board of Trustees has officially approved the change, to take effect in October of this year.
  • September 11 — A former "respite foster parent" from Tulsa, Oklahoma was recently arrested and charged with child porn possession. The suspect had passed all required background checks for his job in foster care, but had a mysteriously short stint in that job, begging the question of why he left or was dismissed less than a year after being hired.
  • September 10 — With domestic violence becoming an increasingly more pressing issue in college football, should the NCAA require all college and university athletic departments to run background checks on their recruits?