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  • April 15 — A college in Virginia gave a student worker access to a huge database of student and alumni information, not knowing she was a convicted embezzler. Since the school doesn't run background checks on work-study employees, those charges were able to pass by unnoticed.
  • April 14 — Daycares in Oregon want to get more information from the state department that runs background checks on their applicants and employees. Currently, daycare background checks in Oregon are just sent back as pass/fail documents, rather than full criminal history reports.
  • April 09 — The Arizona Auditor General recently released a report on the state's Medical Board, citing a few outdated or inadequate policies in the department's processes for vetting new doctors. The report comes after a mix-up with a 2014 background check law that left the same department scrambling to make due with broken legislation.
  • April 07 — President Obama is being urged to implement "ban the box" for federal contractors. If he does, it will be a new zenith for the "fair chance" hiring movement, and will likely guarantee full nationwide adoption of these policies within the next few years.
  • April 02 — Following the Germanwings tragedy, in which a co-pilot purposely crashed a commercial flight into the Alps and killed 150 people, pilots around the world could find themselves facing more rigorous background checks. But how could these already in-depth pilot checks be improved?
  • March 31 — Should sex offenders be allowed to work as USPS mail carriers? That's a question many parents in Haysville, Kansas are asking, after it came to light that a local mail carrier was a sex offender with two different schools on his delivery route.
  • March 30 — A Girl Scout troop leader in Virginia has been arrested on 30 counts of child pornography and one charge of indecent liberties taken with a minor. The 47-year-old male went through all of the standard Girl Scout background checks, but was not flagged because he had no previous convictions.
  • March 25 — An Easter Bunny actor in Greensburg, Pennsylvania was allowed to interact with kids for 12 hours before his employers found out he was a sex offender. The close call incident raises questions about how these holiday character actors are screened and approved to work in shopping malls throughout the country.
  • March 23 — Georgia's Fort Gordon is adding new background checks for delivery workers. The new policy will affect everyone from food delivery drivers to shipping companies and mail carriers.
  • March 22 — Recently, Pennsylvania passed a set of laws meant to keep children safe, including new background check guidelines for volunteers who work with kids. Now, the department that runs those checks is struggling with a substantial backlog, pushing the wait time on the background checks to over three weeks.