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  • July 28 — Pennsylvania House Bill 1276 amends and clarifies the state‚Äôs law that deals with background clearances for employees and volunteers who have direct and routine contact with children.
  • July 27 — A new law in Arizona requires in-home care companies to disclose information on background checks, caregiver training, service costs, and more to their patients. Businesses that fail to comply with the new law could face misdemeanor charges.
  • July 24 — Recent drug smuggling conspiracies at Dallas-Fort Worth, San Francisco, and Oakland International Airports raise questions about whether or not the TSA is doing enough to screen airport and airline employees.
  • July 23 — Newark, Ohio is the latest city considering "ban the box" measures for public employers. The proposal was presented to a City Council community by an ex-offender who, by only referring to himself by his old prison inmate identification number, illustrated how employers and hiring managers often view applicants with criminal history.
  • July 21 — A Poughkeepsie City School District employee recently resigned from his post, following allegations that he met with a prostitute at his office. However, the district has agreed to let him resign in good standing, to give him a positive recommendation for future jobs, and to not release any records pertaining to the incident.
  • July 16 — The Better Business Bureau is warning job seekers about fake employment ads on online job boards. One popular scam asks applicants to send a certain amount of money to the "employer" to cover the cost of background checks and other pre-employment screening processes.
  • July 15 — A daycare in Baton Rouge, Louisiana was recently shuttered after a Federal investigation flagged it as the hub of a drug ring. The daycare had failed five of its six state inspections over the course of two and a half years, but was never shut down until now.
  • July 14 — A new website, established by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, will allow school districts to quickly run state criminal history searches on applicants and employees. The state's previous background check system was paper-based and suffered from long processing times.
  • July 13 — A teacher at a private Montessori school in Hoboken, New Jersey was recently caught on video roughly handling a student. Now, a State Assemblyman from Hoboken is working on legislation that would require background checks for private school employees.
  • July 09 — The Federal Government is temporarily shutting down its primary personnel background check system following a hack that may have compromised the personal information of 18 million government employees. The temporary suspension of the system will affect more than 100 government agencies.