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  • July 16 — The Better Business Bureau is warning job seekers about fake employment ads on online job boards. One popular scam asks applicants to send a certain amount of money to the "employer" to cover the cost of background checks and other pre-employment screening processes.
  • July 15 — A daycare in Baton Rouge, Louisiana was recently shuttered after a Federal investigation flagged it as the hub of a drug ring. The daycare had failed five of its six state inspections over the course of two and a half years, but was never shut down until now.
  • July 14 — A new website, established by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, will allow school districts to quickly run state criminal history searches on applicants and employees. The state's previous background check system was paper-based and suffered from long processing times.
  • July 13 — A teacher at a private Montessori school in Hoboken, New Jersey was recently caught on video roughly handling a student. Now, a State Assemblyman from Hoboken is working on legislation that would require background checks for private school employees.
  • July 09 — The Federal Government is temporarily shutting down its primary personnel background check system following a hack that may have compromised the personal information of 18 million government employees. The temporary suspension of the system will affect more than 100 government agencies.
  • July 07 — Bill de Blasio, the Mayor of New York City, has officially signed legislation banning the box for private employers. As the biggest city in the country, NYC represents a huge new proponent of the fair chance employment movement.
  • July 07 — Numerous pet deaths at grooming facilities have resulted in calls for greater regulation within the pet grooming industry. Background checks for groomers, bans on dangerous grooming equipment, and the implementation of pet grooming licenses are all on the table with various pieces of pending legislation.
  • July 05 — A YMCA bus driver in North Carolina was recently arrested on six child pornography-related charges. While the man passed a background check, the YMCA makes sure its workers are never alone with kids, which ensured that no children from the YMCA were directly exploited in the incident.
  • July 04 — A recent study shows that the average hiring process took about 10 days longer in 2014 than it did in 2010. Are background checks behind the growing wait times, or is there another cause?
  • July 01 — Oregon recently banned the box for private employers, becoming the seventh state in the country to do so. Eleven cities and counties have also passed "ban the box" laws or ordinances for private employers.