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  • August 27 — A youth football coach in the Nashville area was recently arrested for illegal drug and firearm possession. A report on the incident from a local newspaper subsequently revealed that many youth sporting organizations in Tennessee don't actually require background checks for their coaches or volunteers.
  • August 25 — In the wake of the shooting deaths of reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward in Roanoke, Virginia, numerous background check-related topics are being discussed on the national scale. One of these involves aliases, and whether or not the WDBJ news station did enough to screen both of the identities of the shooter before hiring him.
  • August 24 — New Mexico's Attorney General is investigating the state's largest school district, after a deputy superintendent position was filled without the proper background checks. The man hired for the job is currently facing five child sexual assault charges in Colorado.
  • August 21 — Pennsylvania's 14 state universities are looking to implement new background checks and child abuse clearances for all professors, student employees, and volunteers. But a union of professors is standing up against the policy, saying that it goes against an exemption included with the state's recent Child Protective Services Law.
  • August 20

    A recent breach of a background check company contracted by the Salvation Army, among other organizations and companies, may have compromised the sensitive personal information of 100,000 people nationwide, according to a recent report from a Georgia CBS affiliate. Sources say that the background check company had information about their clients' employees and applicants on a laptop that was stolen out of a car, all the way back in May. Information contained on the computer ranged from personal details like names, addresses, and dates of birth, to more even more sensitive information, like Social Security Numbers. In the wrong hands, the information could lead to identity theft and other fraudulent crimes.Salvation Army, the well-known Christian charitable organization with locations and presences all over the world, was just one of the many clients of the breached background check company. In fact, according to the CBS report, only 86 Salvation Army applicants were even compromised, j ...

  • August 17 — NYC is fleshing out the vetting policies for its pre-K education programs. The city launched an effort to provide universal pre-K education last year, and new changes to the vetting procedure will ensure better employee background checks, more thorough building inspections, and more.
  • August 16 — Delaware's Governor recently signed a piece of legislation into law that will call for stricter background checks for employees and volunteers with youth-serving entities throughout the state. The legislation was named in honor of former Delaware Attorney General, Beau Biden, who made it a focus of his time in office to go after child sexual abusers.
  • August 14

    Delaware is the newest state to restrict employer’s access to and use of social media accounts of employees and applicants. Delaware House Bill 109 became effective when the Governor approved it on August 7, 2015.

  • August 13 — West Virginia will soon implement a new background check program called WV CARES. The system is designed to run state and FBI criminal history checks for anyone applying for a job as a long-term caregiver for seniors or other vulnerable adults.
  • August 12 — The Utah Homeless Taskforce helps chronically homeless individuals expunge records of petty crimes so that they can move on with their lives. The program, established as a temporary pilot program last year, was recently extended for another three years.