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  • October 21 — A school district in Connecticut wants to use state grant money to install new background check systems for visitors. Some parents, though, are alienated by the idea, and the district is worried that the checks would lead to a big drop-off in parent involvement at school.
  • October 21 — A school district in Alaska is implementing volunteer background checks after a tutor allegedly sexually abused a student. The wrinkle in the case is that the district evidently should have been running checks on volunteers since 2004.
  • October 13 — Washington D.C. cabbies halted traffic and honked their horns in protest of proposed legislation that would allow Uber and Lyft to follow a separate set of rules. The alternate solution is to regulate ridesharing services under the same rules imposed by the city's Taxicab Commission.
  • October 13 — Several Minnesota teachers have recently been arrested for sexual misconduct with students. We look at why these individuals might be getting past background checks unflagged.
  • October 13 — A woman in Australia was recently raped by a man she connected with on Tinder, as well as by several of his friends. The sad incident highlights the need for background checks on services such as this.
  • October 08 — The recent arrest of a former college football player for "abduction with intent to defile" has Virginia lawmakers and higher education officials calling for more in-depth background checks to keep college campuses safer. In particular, these officials are demanding background checks that look for arrest histories and police investigation information.
  • October 07 — A class action lawsuit against Canon over the company's background check policies has been dismissed, due to an apparent out-of-court settlement. The lawsuit was filed by a woman who claims that Canon violated the FCRA by not furnishing her with a copy of the background check report that led to her termination.
  • October 07 — A new interim superintendent with Reedsport School District in Oregon has implemented a new volunteer background check policy for the entire district. Supposedly, the superintendent has launched the new policy of his own volition, and even personally reviews all of the background checks and makes the calls about who is and is not allowed to volunteer.
  • October 07 — A Starbucks located inside the CIA's Langley headquarters requires some of the most extensive background checks in the world all for barista jobs. In addition, the coffee shop is not allowed to write names on cups or accept frequent customer rewards cards, all for fear of revealing identities that are meant to be kept secret.
  • September 29 — Baldwin Borough, located in Pittsburgh, is implementing a new background check policy for all local board and commission members. The checks will apply to both new and existing volunteers, but the borough has offered to pay for background checks for longtime volunteers.