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  • February 01 — According to Pennsylvania's Department of Human Services, state legislators inadvertently deleted a clause that previously called for background checks of medical professionals. The oversight may have occurred while legislators were passing and implementing new laws designed to protect children from sexual or physical abuse.
  • January 28 — Ohio's Attorney General is searching for contractors to build a new state criminal background check system. The old system was discovered to be obsolete and unreliable last year.
  • January 26 — A school district in New Mexico has implemented a new instant background check system that requires volunteers to go through a clearance system upon every individual visit to a school building. The system could well be an annoyance to some parent volunteers, but is worth it for the extra safety and security it brings to the district.
  • January 20 — North Las Vegas started a bailiff program last year, stating that the program would help save the city $500,000 in court security costs. So far, the program hasn't brought about any savings and the city is having difficulty finding bailiffs who can pass the necessary background checks.
  • January 18 — A daycare in Georgetown, Texas was recently shut down when the new owners realized that the business was staffed with unqualified and un-vetted employees. The daycare had received infractions from state investigators numerous times over the years but was never shut down.
  • January 15 — A man recently elected to a school board in Paterson, New Jersey was informed on the day of his swearing-in that he had been disqualified from taking his post. The disqualification came as a result of his background check, which found 25-year-old criminal convictions on his record.
  • January 11 — A Florida representative wants to bar landlords and homeowner's associations from running background checks on housing applicants who are veterans. Is the proposal a show of respect for veterans, or a dangerous slap in the face for the housing industry?
  • January 08 — The City of Portland, Oregon has passed an ordinance (No. 187459) to ban the box, and more, effective July 1, 2016.
  • January 07 — Most of Florida's major cities already ban the box for public employers. Now, state legislators are proposing a bill that would mandate the removal of criminal history questions from all state job applications.
  • January 05 — Is really running background checks? The online database, which connects families with nannies and caregivers, has been criticized repeatedly for failing to detect candidates with extensive criminal records.