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  • November 10 — A community in Maryland is looking at additional background checks for volunteer coaches. Currently, these coaches are checked against a sex offender registry, but don't go through any other type of criminal screening.
  • November 10 — A grounds worker at a Texas high school recently assaulted a student on campus. The incident calls into question what schools can do now to protect their students from further harm.
  • November 10 — A school district in Connecticut recently had an incident with an employee who was stealing iPads from the school at which he worked. The man’s background check had not yet cleared when he was hired due to FBI fingerprint check lag times.
  • November 03 — Maryland is one of 13 states that do not require doctors to undergo background checks in order to obtain a license to practice. A recent sexual assault incident involving a doctor once convicted of violent rape has the state's Board of Physicians pushing to change that fact with a new law.
  • October 30 — A borough in New Jersey recently disqualified three volunteer youth sports coaches for criminal offenses. As it turns out, those criminal charges had already been disclosed and cleared, proving how important proper organization and documentation is to making background checks effective.
  • October 30 — A man guilty of making terrorist threats against minorities in the past was recently discovered applying to lead a human rights committee in a California town. The town is not rightfully considering background checks for committee and commission volunteers.
  • October 28 — A city in Texas is considering running background checks on individuals applying for soliciting permits. The news begs the question of what can be done to regulate the unpredictable industry of door to door sales.
  • October 28 — Survey suggests that CEOs are subject to fewer background checks than college graduates looking for their first job. What's wrong with this picture?
  • October 24 — Tucson has implemented ban the box policies for the public sector and is considering them for the private sector. The city is also supposedly considering ditching background checks altogether for public employees, a poor choice that would take the idea of ban the box too far.
  • October 24 — The North Carolina State Fair is revamping employee contracts to stipulate background checks across the board. The decision follows an incident last year where five people were seriously injured on a carnival ride.