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  • November 11 — After months of speculation, the TSSAA (Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association) has voted to require background checks for all officials. The checks will begin immediately and officials will have to complete them annually to remain active.
  • November 09 — To address a recent sexual assault on campus, members of a fraternity at Iowa's Luther College are starting a "buddy system" where they will offer to walk fellow students across campus at night. Before the service can start, though, the administration is requiring thorough background checks of all of the fraternity's members.
  • November 06 — In a speech at Rutgers University, President Barack Obama announced a number of new initiatives for criminal justice reform. Among these was a push for Congress to pursue legislation to ban the box for all Federal agencies and contractors.
  • November 05 — A recent report from the John Howard Association, a public safety watchdog, called for an overhaul in the way the Department of Corrections screens new applicants. Right now, corrections facilities are severely understaffed, largely because filling job vacancies takes half a year or longer.
  • November 04 — New York City’s Fair Chance Act became effective last month. This is the ban-the-box ordinance that prohibits most employers from inquiring about criminal history until after a conditional offer of employment is made.
  • November 04 — California Governor Brown vetoed two legislative bills last week that would have limited information available to employers and impacted the hiring process.
  • November 03 — A massive Associated Press investigation has indicated major inconsistencies in how police departments handle misconduct charges against their officers. The issue is a nationwide problem, begging for legislative intervention and tighter background check requirements.
  • November 02 — As part of a sweeping criminal justice reform agenda, presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton wants to ban the box for all Federal employers and contractors. Such a policy would remove criminal history questions from Federal job applications and delay background checks until later in the applicant vetting process.
  • October 30 — Pembroke Pines, a city in Florida, is considering a new resolution that would expand background checks for local coaches and volunteers. The policy would go beyond youth sports to also include programs that serve elderly adults and other vulnerable populations.
  • October 28 — Illinois legislators recently approved a bill that will require student teachers to face the same background checks as full-time educators. Those checks include criminal history screenings, sex offender checks, and fingerprinting.