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  • September 29 — Baldwin Borough, located in Pittsburgh, is implementing a new background check policy for all local board and commission members. The checks will apply to both new and existing volunteers, but the borough has offered to pay for background checks for longtime volunteers.
  • September 23 — A new law in Illinois is calling for a greater number of background checks, but so far, the state is having difficulty handling the new influx of checks. The backlog is negatively affecting volunteers, who are having to wait longer than anyone else for screenings to clear.
  • September 22 — The Washington State Fair has cracked down significantly on sex offenders and criminals this year, requiring background checks for ride operators, game operators, and other workers. However, state politicians think there is still room for improvement.
  • September 22 — An internal investigator has accused the Dallas Independent School District of failing to run background checks on hundreds of employees. The situation is a sticky one, due to the investigator's recent leave of absence and subsequent termination from the district.
  • September 22 — A Wal-Mart executive recently resigned from his post after eight years with the company. Now, new information has come to light that suggests the man left the company after a background check discovered that he had been lying about his college academic history.
  • September 16 — Two Arizona legislators are campaigning for more thorough background checks for hotel workers. The push for stronger control has been inspired by recent allegations against an Arizona night clerk who sexually assaulted female guests while on the job but who was hired despite a sex offender history.
  • September 15 — The government has decided not to renew its contract with USIS, the company responsible for running roughly 40 percent of federal employee and contractor background checks. USIS is currently facing a massive fraud lawsuit from the government for allegedly submitting 665,000 incomplete background check reports.
  • September 15 — A recent probe of Staten Island and Brooklyn daycare centers flagged nine businesses for safety issues and other problems. The allegations levied against the daycares range from poison on the floor to fraudulent theft of taxpayer money.
  • September 10 — School districts in Pennsylvania are moving toward requiring criminal background checks for parent volunteers, even though state law does not require or suggest such a policy.
  • September 08 — A golf coach at Central Michigan University was recently removed from his post when administrators discovered that he had lied about his educational history. The coach in question had never graduated from college, and most university coaching positions require a bachelor's degree.