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  • March 06 — A Pennsylvania school district is struggling with how to comply with a new state law that requires background checks of all volunteers. Specifically, district officials are worried that the cost of the checks could drive a lot of volunteers away.
  • March 05 — Ohio State University is requiring 4-H volunteers in its Extension programs to undergo background checks and take a class for spotting signs of child abuse. The university won't be paying for the checks, but they are inexpensive enough that they hopefully won't cost 4-H any volunteers.
  • March 04 — A recent investigation by the Texas Education Agency has uncovered a number of background check oversights at Dallas Independent School District. As a result, the agency is stepping in to make sure that the school district properly updates its background check policies.
  • February 26 — A volunteer firefighter in Minnesota is facing charges of arson after allegedly starting several of the fires he helped put out. The man had a fairly extensive criminal record, but the fire department decided to take a chance on him anyway since the most recent charges were more than five years old.
  • February 25 — Police departments in Greensboro, North Carolina use thorough address checks and state-of-the-art lie detector tests to screen their officers. Such checks could go a long way toward cleaning up law enforcement throughout the nation.
  • February 23 — A county in Washington recently accused an office worker in the drug court of forging $8,000 worth of government vouchers for gas and clothes. The worker in question had two forgery felonies on her record, but the county didn't ever run a check on her due to a misunderstanding of EEOC regulations.
  • February 21 — Alaskan legislators are currently considering a bill that would require psychologists to go through background checks as a step in the licensing process. The state's board of psychology practitioners has been pushing a similar idea for a while now, but has been unable to see it through without Senate or House support.
  • February 19 — The state of Utah has a policy that allows undocumented immigrants to apply for "driving privilege" cards. A legislative proposal currently making it through the State Senate is calling for all applicants to have their names run through the FBI criminal database.
  • February 17 — There is currently no policy in place that requires high school sporting officials in Massachusetts to undergo background screenings. A new piece of legislation could require these referees to submit to background checks, but it's not currently clear how that policy would work, given other state regulations.
  • February 12 — Fort Lee, a military outpost in Virginia, will soon require all visitors to undergo a quick 10-minute background check before being allowed to enter the base. Military outposts throughout the country are expected to adopt similar policies in the coming months and years.