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  • September 10 — School districts in Pennsylvania are moving toward requiring criminal background checks for parent volunteers, even though state law does not require or suggest such a policy.
  • September 08 — A golf coach at Central Michigan University was recently removed from his post when administrators discovered that he had lied about his educational history. The coach in question had never graduated from college, and most university coaching positions require a bachelor's degree.
  • September 08 — A new policy in New York City is requiring FBI fingerprint background checks for all new pre-K employees. Already, the system has kept nearly 250 prospective employees with criminal records from starting work in pre-K education.
  • September 02 — A police academy in Pennsylvania has a weak background check policy that has allowed several individuals with criminal records to be accepted into training and to work with firearms. Now, the academy is looking to revamp its rules in order to provide stronger protections.
  • August 29 — A youth minister in Florida recently admitted to and was arrested for child pornography accusations. The church where the minister volunteered has policies in place for both background checks and children’s safety training.
  • August 20 — The town of Wisconsin Dells is considering background checks for all government volunteers. The checks would include both commonly screened positions, like youth sports coaches, and less commonly screened positions, like library workers.
  • August 20 — A recent report from the United States Treasure shows that the IRS has recently failed to run background checks on all of its contractors. Numerous contract firms have been allowed to handle sensitive taxpayer information, including Social Security numbers, without background screenings.
  • February 21 — A town in New Jersey has revoked the privileges of its Police Athletic League over accusations that the organization had let volunteers coach and work with children without background check clearance. The vice president of the organization has denied the allegations and hopes PAL’s privileges will be reinstated shortly.
  • February 20 — San Francisco has become the most recent city to enact ban the box legislation. The new ordinance will require employers and apartment complexes to remove questions concerning criminal history from job applications and to delay criminal background checks until after the first in-person interview.
  • February 19 — A Washington substitute teacher was recently accused of hitting and otherwise abusing students at an elementary school where he taught. The man had a criminal history that had been missed in background checks, a security hole that has inspired educators in the district and beyond think about overhauling background checks for teachers.