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  • April 28 — New Hampshire has started requiring background checks for staff at youth skills camps. These camps, which are generally brief intensive programs focused on learning one specific skill, hint at a growing trend toward universal background checks in youth-serving programs across the country.
  • April 27 — The Transportation Security Administration is calling for recurring background checks for airport or airline workers, among other new security measures, following an extensive 90-day review of existing policies. The review was ordered after a baggage handler in Atlanta was caught smuggling firearms aboard a commercial flight last December.
  • April 22 — Native American tribes are asking for state and federal help with background checks. The tribal community currently has no access to governmental criminal history registries, which it needs to review in order to safely place children with foster families.
  • April 20 — An audit of East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania recently found that workers and volunteers at youth-focused summer camps and events had not been undergoing background checks. But while the Auditor General blamed the university for the oversight, the situation is complicated somewhat by the fact that most of these camps and events are held by external organizations and merely used university facilities.
  • April 20 — New Jersey is considering a law that would require doctors who have lived abroad to undergo international background checks. The State Senate is almost unanimously in approval of the bill, while the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners opposes it.
  • April 17 — A school district in Pennsylvania has decided to continue reimbursing volunteers for background check expenses, after reviewing the policy. The district spends approximately $2,500 a year on volunteer background checks.
  • April 15 — A college in Virginia gave a student worker access to a huge database of student and alumni information, not knowing she was a convicted embezzler. Since the school doesn't run background checks on work-study employees, those charges were able to pass by unnoticed.
  • April 14 — Daycares in Oregon want to get more information from the state department that runs background checks on their applicants and employees. Currently, daycare background checks in Oregon are just sent back as pass/fail documents, rather than full criminal history reports.
  • April 09 — The Arizona Auditor General recently released a report on the state's Medical Board, citing a few outdated or inadequate policies in the department's processes for vetting new doctors. The report comes after a mix-up with a 2014 background check law that left the same department scrambling to make due with broken legislation.
  • April 07 — President Obama is being urged to implement "ban the box" for federal contractors. If he does, it will be a new zenith for the "fair chance" hiring movement, and will likely guarantee full nationwide adoption of these policies within the next few years.