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  • June 22

    A teacher at a private Montessori school in Hoboken, New Jersey was recently caught on video roughly handling a student. Now, a State Assemblyman from Hoboken is working on legislation that would require background checks for private school employees.
  • June 19 — A new website, established by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, will allow school districts to quickly run state criminal history searches on applicants and employees. The state's previous background check system was paper-based and suffered from long processing times.
  • June 17 — New York City will soon become the biggest city yet to enact "ban the box" legislation for private employers. So far, fair chance hiring practices are observed largely by public employers.
  • June 16 — A child services center in Virginia is under investigation for nepotistic hiring practices, ignoring background check findings, fraud, and embezzlement. The business ran numerous education programs funded by taxpayer dollars.
  • June 14 — Pennsylvania's governor has waived the background check fees for volunteers who work with children. Previously, the $20 checks were reportedly keeping parents from volunteering in schools.
  • June 13

    Cook County, Illinois recently passed legislation that amends the County’s Human Rights ordinance to restrict employers from using credit histories or reports in making employment decisions. Chicago and some of its surrounding areas are located in Cook County.

  • June 12 — New York City's Department of Correction failed to run background checks on hundreds of healthcare workers hired at Rikers Island since 2008. According to a new report, the department let fingerprint cards for new hires sit on a desk collecting dust.
  • June 04 — A Pennsylvania State Representative wants taxpayers to cover background check expenses for emergency responders like volunteer firefighters and EMTs. But can the government cover these expenses for one group without doing the same for other groups, like teachers or school volunteers?
  • June 03 — The program that combats sexual assault in the United States Air Force failed to run required background checks or complete proper training sessions for many of its personnel members. The oversights clash directly with the mission of the program, and could be a reason why sexual assault numbers in the military aren't dropping with the speed that they should be.
  • June 01 — After learning that 4-H volunteers would be required to pay for background checks under new policies, commissioners in an Ohio county decided to pay for the background checks themselves. The decision relates to 4-H programs run by the Ohio State University Extension system.