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  • March 25 — An Easter Bunny actor in Greensburg, Pennsylvania was allowed to interact with kids for 12 hours before his employers found out he was a sex offender. The close call incident raises questions about how these holiday character actors are screened and approved to work in shopping malls throughout the country.
  • March 23 — Georgia's Fort Gordon is adding new background checks for delivery workers. The new policy will affect everyone from food delivery drivers to shipping companies and mail carriers.
  • March 22 — Recently, Pennsylvania passed a set of laws meant to keep children safe, including new background check guidelines for volunteers who work with kids. Now, the department that runs those checks is struggling with a substantial backlog, pushing the wait time on the background checks to over three weeks.
  • March 17 — Arizona doesn't require background checks, inspections, or malpractice insurance for dentists. A piece of legislation currently pending in the state's House of Representatives could make background checks a requirement for the dental licensing stage, but wouldn't address the other two oversights.
  • March 16 — A Connecticut State Representative has introduced new legislation that would require teachers in the state to submit to fingerprinting and background checks within five days of being hired. Currently, the window for these checks is 30 days, which means that some schools are at least temporarily staffed by unscreened and unverified employees.
  • March 11 — Lawrence, the sixth biggest city in Kansas, currently has no policy on the books to require criminal background checks for cab drivers. City Council officials are considering an ordinance that would implement such checks as part of the cab driver licensing process.
  • March 09 — A Seattle non-profit organization that specializes in placing "Latino seasonal workers" in day jobs is rethinking its background check policies. One of the programs workers was arrested for raping the woman who hired him; the organization had failed to run a background check.
  • March 06 — A Pennsylvania school district is struggling with how to comply with a new state law that requires background checks of all volunteers. Specifically, district officials are worried that the cost of the checks could drive a lot of volunteers away.
  • March 05 — Ohio State University is requiring 4-H volunteers in its Extension programs to undergo background checks and take a class for spotting signs of child abuse. The university won't be paying for the checks, but they are inexpensive enough that they hopefully won't cost 4-H any volunteers.
  • March 04 — A recent investigation by the Texas Education Agency has uncovered a number of background check oversights at Dallas Independent School District. As a result, the agency is stepping in to make sure that the school district properly updates its background check policies.