What's Included?

Every report is uniquely generated based on your needs. Our reports provide information from various public record sources, and our database of more than 450 million criminal records.

  • Comprehensive nationwide criminal history
  • Information from state agencies
  • County courts data
  • Department of corrections information
  • Checks against the Terrorist Watch List
  • Administrative Office of the Courts information
  • National registered sex offender data
  • Motor Vehicle offenses, violations, and more

Personal Background Checks

Explore a Sample Report

Every background​checks​.com report is uniquely generated, based on the search subject and your needs. Our reports provide information from various public records and our database of more than 400 million criminal records.

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App Screenshot
For easy reference your original search criteria are placed on top of the report.
This section displays a convenient summary of all searches ordered and their results. The detailed records are below.
A dynamic timeline allows you to see criminal records by year at a quick glance.
For a quick scan, we have placed how long ago this record was recorded and how old you were at the time in this section of the report.
More details about this criminal record are presented in this section. backgroundchecks.com collects data from a wide variety of sources. Where available for each record, we have included a short description of the source and the type of criminal records they collect. If you need help interpreting the criminal record terms and definitions, consult our support section.