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350 New Jersey School Administrators Skip Out on Background Checks

In the state of New Jersey background checks became mandatory for all school board members. The new law, which was passed in May, 2011, gave until December 31, 2011 for the checks to be completed. After a New Year’s Eve deadline, 350 New Jersey school administrators had not turned in all of their information in order to get felony background checks done. The new law, meant to keep kids safe from felons and those who may put them in danger, requires that those who are responsible for making decisions in the school system be screened and fingerprinted.

Out of the 5299 school trustees in the state of New Jersey, 12 have been removed from their positions due to the results of the background checks, and it is possible that 350 more could be joining their ranks. Some of the crimes that would disqualify someone from being an administrator in New Jersey include murder, luring a child, robbery, assault and drug possession. There are some exceptions that take into consideration the type of crime, how long ago the crime was committed and the type of rehabilitation that was done. It is still unclear as to why so many administrators have not had their checks done.

These types of background checks can be extremely important when it comes to giving some teeth to policies meant to keep our children safe while ensuring that they are in an environment that is conducive to learning. No matter what type of organization you may be involved in, from a school to a financial institution, there is significant value in knowing the backgrounds of your employees and the risk you might take by hiring a potential employee who may have a criminal background. offers a fast and easy way for employers to carry out similar searches like a Federal Criminal Search to uncover kidnapping and drug trafficking crimes or a broad search at the national level with the US OneSEARCH that uses instant criminal database.

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