A PTO treasurer has been arrested for stealing $38,000 from an Augusta, SC school. She had not gone through a background check before taking the position

It was recently discovered that an Augusta, SC PTO Treasurer has an extensive criminal record. Connie Boisclair had been sentenced 20 years ago to 33 months in jail after she plead guilty to stealing Social Security checks from the elderly. She is now in hot water again being accused of stealing $38,000 from North Augusta Middle School's PTO. The money was set aside to fund school programs and a new awning for the school building. She was made treasurer of the organization just 9 short months ago and did not go through any kind of background check.

School officials say that they do perform background checks on employees or volunteers who work with children directly, but they do not perform background checks on others, such as members of the PTO like Boisclair, as she was not directly working with children.

Schools should consider appropriate background checks for each position in their organization. Credit checks and searches for past monetary related offenses could be considered relevant for a treasury position that has access to school funds. It such offenses would have been uncovered with a background check, it would have been an easy decision to not allow her to take control of $38,000, which was money that the students had earned on their own.  With products from backgroundchecks.com like the US OneSEARCH, schools and other organizations can easily cast a broad nationwide net to uncover possible past offenses and convictions.

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Source: http://www.wrdw.com/onyourside/headlines/12_News_On_Your_Side_PTO_Treasurer_with_Crimminal_History_Did_Not_Have_Background_Check_137610303.html

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