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As tax time rolls around do you know the background of your preparer

Tax time is upon on and millions of us will use tax preparers in order to help us get our tax forms ready to send to the government. Have you ever taken a moment to stop and think about who is helping you fill out your forms?  The IRS did and they came across surprising results in the background checks they did on their own tax preparers.

One of the most surprising things found when the IRS decided to run criminal background checks on their employees is that there were 43 IRS certified preparers who were serving life sentences in prison and 962 of the IRS’s certified preparers who got their certification in 2011 were either in prison this year or had been in prison at one time. IRS rules do not that state prisoners cannot get an IRS preparer ID number, but the IRS did state that those prisoners who are currently incarcerated will have their numbers suspended.

The reason these people have been able to get these certifications is that the IRS has chosen not to do background checks on their preparers due to cost. They are expected to study the effectiveness of this decision but no time frame has been given for choice.

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