Legislation and Compliance Update - Amendment to California Civil Code 1786

Effective January 1, 2012, employers must provide consumers with the web address of the screening company used to conduct the background check. This amendment to California Civil Code 1786 was signed by the governor in September 2010.

This amendment is in addition to current California law requiring employers to provide extensive consumer notification before a background check is conducted by an outside screening company. Consumer notifications must:

  • State the purpose of the report.
  • Give the name, address, and telephone number of the screening company.
  • Include a summary of consumer rights to see and copy any report about the subject of the report.
  • Include a box to check allowing the consumer to request a copy of the report.

Clients should immediately check their background screening notices to applicants and employees against our current Disclosure and Authorization Notice sample and make the necessary changes in order to comply with the amendment to California Civil Code 1786. customer can find the Disclosure and Authorization Notice sample in the Compliance section of your account. For more information on how this update may affect your screening program and how can help, please contact customer service.

Michael Klazema

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