Legislation and Compliance Update - Tennessee Governor Signs Law Requiring Businesses to Begin Using E-Verify


On June 7, 2011, Governor Haslam signed the Tennessee Lawful Employment Act of 2011. 


Under this new law, virtually all employers will be required to use E-Verify or to maintain documentation of legal residency or valid U.S. residency. 


Government entities and private employers with more than 500 employees must comply by January 1, 2012.  Private employers with 200-499 employees must comply by July 1, 2012.  All employers with more than 6 employees must comply by January 1, 2013.


Penalties for non-compliance include $500 civil penalty, plus $500 per worker not verified for a first offense.  Monetary penalties increase up to $2500 for the civil penalty plus $2500 per worker not verified.  Additional sanctions may be imposed.  For additional information on this legislation, please visit


If you would like more information about how this update may affect your background check employee screening program and how can help, please contact our customer service department.

Michael Klazema

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