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Delaware Changes Rules Pertaining to Security Freezes

In July, Delaware Governor John Brown approved Senate Bill 92 amending the state’s Clean Credit and Identity Theft Protection Act. Section 2203, Title 6 of the Delaware Code which pertains to fee structures and exemption requirements for placing security freezes was amended.

The fee structure for consumer reporting agencies was amended. The fee that a consumer reporting agency charges for an initial security freeze is reduced from twenty dollars to ten dollars. And, the fee charged a person age 65 years or over is changed from twenty dollars to five dollars.

Currently, some agencies are exempt from the requirement of placing a security freeze on a credit report. Exempt agencies include consumer reporting agencies that act only as a reseller of credit information, check services or fraud prevention services companies, and deposit account information service companies. Senate Bill 92 adds to that list a consumer reporting agency database or file that consists entirely of consumer information concerning, and used solely for:

  1. Criminal record information;
  2. Personal loss history information;
  3. Fraud prevention or detection;
  4. Employment screening; or
  5. Tenant screening

The only other amendment in the bill is the revision to the Notice of Rights reflecting the fee changes. 
This bill can be viewed here:

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