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Expanding Background Checks in City Departments Becoming Popular

It is now official. After debate and discussion, the city of Valparaiso, IN has decided that they need to expand the background checks they are currently doing on city park employees to make them more detailed and offer more safety to the public. Though the city has already been doing these more intense background checks on some of their city park employees, like those who have management positions, they have not been doing them on all of them. This will now change.

Some of the things that will change will include a full national background check on employees instead of a state background check. Other changes include the addition of verifying social security numbers, verifying addresses, checking the sex offender registry and in addition to the national criminal record check, they will also check county records.

This will be a big undertaking, but as the program grows, the plan is for all employees to be checked. They will start specifically with those who work directly with children and will move on to those who have jobs in departmental management. They will then do checks on all full-time employees, followed by part-time and seasonal employees. Finally, the concession employees will get their turn at going through a background check. Every employee will eventually have to go through the background check. It is expected to cost the department anywhere from $5000 to $7000, but there may be a push to have applicants and employees pay the $15 fee in the future.

Companies such as are making the process of large-scale background checks easier for companies to handle. When a company or organization chooses to perform many background checks at once, these third-party companies are the best choice. With many options and products that can be helpful, the ease and convenience of these companies will be evident from the first background investigation. One of these products is Ongoing Criminal Monitoring which is excellent for companies who want to keep an eye on the criminal backgrounds of their employees while they are employed. When a company chooses this product from, they will receive notification if new records show up in the database for of their employees is arrested or convicted of a crime.

Though the city of Valparaiso is doing a great thing with these new background checks, there is no indication that they will perform these investigations more than once on each individual. Performing these checks every few years on all employees can make sure the department is as safe as possible.

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