New Licensure Qualifications for Pharmacy Technicians in Indiana

The Indiana legislature passed Senate Bill 233 and the Governor approved it on March 24, 2014. The bill, among other things, changes pharmacy technician certification to a license designation. It also specifies educational and training requirements for pharmacy technicians. The changes to the law become effective July 1, 2014.

Senate Bill amends Indiana Code § 25-26-19-4 to change the certification designation to a license designation for pharmacy technicians in Indiana.

The qualifications for licensure as outlined in § 25-26-19-5.(a) are amended to include the educational and training requirements below.

  1. Makes proper application as prescribed by the Board Pharmacy;
  2. Is at least eighteen years of age;
  3. Has:
    1. Graduated from high school, or
    2. Received a high school equivalency certificate, or a state general educational development (GED) diploma;
  4. Has not been convicted of:
    1. A crime that has a direct bearing upon the individual’s ability to practice competently, or
    2. A felony involving controlled substances;
  5. Is not in violation of the laws and rules pertaining to pharmacy technicians;
  6. Has paid the fee set by the board;
  7. Has:
    1. graduated from a competency based pharmacy technician education and training program approved by the board;
    2. completed an employer provider training program that:
      1. beginning July 1, 2015, uses training requirements and minimum standards developed by the board;
      2. has been approved by the board;
      3. includes specific training in the duties required to assist the pharmacist in the technical functions associated with the practice of pharmacy, or
    3. successfully passed a certification examination offered by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board or another nationally recognized certification body approved by the board.

As stated in the new Section 25-26-19-5.(c), pharmacy technicians who are certified or licensed by the board before July 1, 2014, and are in good standing with the board, will be considered licensed beginning July 1, 2014. They will continue to be subject to renewal requirements.

Additionally, § 25-26-19-5.(d) is added to require any training programs approved by the board before July 1, 2015, to be resubmitted to the board for approval in meeting current standards. Pharmacy technicians will still be subject to a national criminal background check after submitting an application for initial licensure.

Go here to view Senate Bill 233:

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