Compliance and Legislation, background check, Michigan, pet adoptions

Michigan Animal Shelters Can Now Run Background Checks on Pet Adopters

Background checks will soon become a part of the pet adoption process in the State of Michigan. According to a report fr...

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Industry News, background check, sexual misconduct, doctor

Recent Study Highlights Weakness in Patient Protection Policies

In a recent report, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution looked at nationwide policies for protecting patients from doctors ...

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Industry News, background check, oregon, church

Oregon Youth Minister Charged with Sex Abuse Had Criminal History

A leading member of a Christian ministry based in Silverton, Oregon was recently indicted for second-degree sexual abuse...

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Industry News, background check, driver, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania School District Cuts Ties with Transportation Firm over Background Checks

A mid-state Pennsylvania school district has cut ties with a former transportation contractor over background check conc...

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Industry News, background check, military, day care

New Bill on the Way for Military Daycare Background Checks

Right now, the government demands employee background checks from daycares receiving federal funding, but not from child...

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Industry News, background check, caregivers, nanny Faces Continued Criticism for Background Check System, a website devoted to helping parents find babysitters and nannies for their children, has come under fire for ...

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Industry News, background check, Pennsylvania, injunction

Judge Orders Pennsylvania College System to Suspend Recently Announced Background Check Policy

Recently, the Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education announced a plan that would have required professors throu...

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Salvation Army Data Breach Compromises Employee Background Check Information

A recent breach of a background check company contracted by the Salvation Army, among other organizations and companies,...

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Cincinnati Arts School Failed to Run Background Checks on Employees

A movement is sweeping across the country to implement background checks for all individuals who spend unsupervised time...

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