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By Michael Klazema on 4/20/2018

When a company hires for roles within its own offices, there is an immediate need for thorough and accurate background checks. Smart vetting strategies can identify red flags and avoid disastrous hires and negligent hiring suits. When a company is hiring people to go out and work in the businesses or residences of others, a background check becomes even more critical. There is no room for error: the company’s reputation hinges on the quality and trustworthiness of its people.

For these reasons and more, waterTALENT was looking for a reliable background check firm to assist with screening new hires. waterTALENT is an agency that sources professional talent for water facilities throughout the United States. The organization touts hundreds of prescreened candidates ready to fill temporary roles at water facilities and water treatment facilities nationwide. After identifying staffing needs at their facilities, clients contact waterTALENT and request a professional to fill that role. waterTALENT then finds a match within its candidate database and works with the client and candidate to execute a temporary services contract.

The organization is known for its ability to find niche professionals with very particular skills to serve the needs of clients. By matching candidates with the exact expertise water facilities need—and offering on-site deployment in as little as 24 hours—waterTALENT can help these facilities fill their staffing needs faster and more efficiently than they could on their own.

As a short-term staffing company that many in the water and wastewater industries rely on regularly, waterTALENT always needs to ensure the candidates it is providing to clients are sound hires. Especially since many waterTALENT clients are looking for quick staffing deployments, the company needs to be vigilant in vetting the candidates in its database.

That need pushed waterTALENT to find a company it could trust to deliver reliable, accurate background reports on a consistent basis. They landed on and teamed up with us to vet the candidates in their database. According to waterTALENT Operations Analyst Tyler Reifert, the company uses to pull a candidate’s criminal record every time someone in the database “approaches a certain level of commitment to become onboarded with a company.” In addition to criminal checks, waterTALENT also uses to conduct 10-panel drug screenings and search motor vehicle records.

waterTALENT has been pleased with the thoroughness and accuracy of background reports provided by Reifert says candidates are often forthright about their criminal histories (if they have criminal histories), but that waterTALENT has also uncovered some surprises thanks to Because many waterTALENT candidates end up working in federal facilities, the company takes things like aggressive criminal offenses and failed drug tests very seriously when moving forward with a temporary work contract. Thanks to, waterTALENT can go into these deliberations with confidence and all pertinent information.

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