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By Michael Klazema on 4/12/2019

When it comes to hiring new people, staffing companies have a unique responsibility. These agencies need to vet employees and contractors for the same reasons that other businesses do: a crime, accident, or other incident involving an employee can lead to safety fears, legal liability, and a PR disaster—especially if there is reason to think that the incident could have been avoided with stronger screening. But staffing companies have one responsibility to bear that most businesses do not when it comes to responsible vetting.  

The people that these agencies hire aren’t only performing internal duties that reflect on the company and impact its staff and clients. They are going into other businesses as temporary workers or staffing reinforcements. As such, not only do staffing agencies have a responsibility to protect their own business from dangerous and unfit hires—they also must protect the companies, employees, and clients that utilize their services.

Staffing agencies need a dependable way to vet their candidates, find red flags, and weed out hires who might pose a threat to the businesses that the agency serves. Many staffing companies rely on to fill this critical employee screening need. Here are just a few that have discovered the quality and reliability of screening services.

What They Needed

  • Moore Advanced, Inc. is a staffing agency that serves logistics companies throughout the United States. The company prides itself on a rigorous training and performance-tracking system that drives productivity in its employees. Moore Advanced then loans out employees to logistics companies that require top-quality talent. To make sure that it is hiring trustworthy people, Moore Advanced relies on the US OneSEARCH database. The system combines criminal history checks with searches of sex offender and national security databases.

  • For businesses in the water and wastewater industries, waterTALENT is the go-to staffing agency for filling talent gaps. Because many of the jobs in these industries are highly specialized, waterTALENT needs to be able to match dependable candidates with positions that call on their expertise. Over the years, waterTALENT has built up a sterling reputation for its extensive candidate database, the speed of its staffing deployments, and the quality of the workers it provides. To defend this reputation, waterTALENT uses to run fresh backgrounds checks every time a candidate is close to being onboarded by a client. These checks include criminal history, motor vehicle records, and drug testing.

  • With several locations throughout the southern United States, Alliance HR Services serves companies by acting as an outsourced human resources department. The business assists with all employment needs—from temporary to permanent and from part-time to full-time. Alliance HR Services even handles things like payroll tax reporting after a candidate is hired. Alliance shoulders the burden of candidate background checks. The company is vigilant about running criminal history checks and drug tests on all candidates before placing them with any client business. Alliance HR Services trusts to meet these needs.

What They Love

Across the board, staffing agency clients have expressed their satisfaction with the quality and reach of our background check services.

Alliance HR Services has had to turn down several candidates based on details found through our background checks. The detail and accuracy of our services have kept Alliance a loyal client since 2016. Alliance’s Dorian Suarez praised the customer experience of using the interface as well as our “prompt and excellent customer service.”

Even companies that haven’t needed to disqualify any candidates based on background check findings report an appreciation for the peace of mind that our checks afford, as well as the rapid turnaround time on our instant database searches.

How Can Help Your Staffing Agency

If you operate a staffing company, can help you develop a smart, detailed, and prompt background check strategy for vetting new hires or recently-placed workers. To explore our services, from criminal checks to employment verifications to driving history searches to ongoing monitoring, contact us today.

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