How Medical and Medical Device Companies Rely on for Employee Vetting | A Case Study

By Michael Klazema on 5/10/2019

In the medical field, trust is a priceless commodity. Whether it’s the trust between a medical device company and its customers or a doctor and her patients, trust is the currency that funds the world of successful healthcare. At, we ensure that trust remains intact by offering a wide range of products and services that help healthcare organizations to responsibly vet their employees.

We frequently collaborate with hospitals, medical practices, medical device companies, and other organizations to provide support for employee screening. The experiences of our clients in this space show how businesses in the medical field rely on to protect the sense of trust that defines their missions and models.

What They Needed

EHOB, Inc. is a medical device manufacturer known for a range of products that help with the prevention and treatment of deep tissue injuries. EHOB came to three years ago seeking a background check company that could offer multiple types of pre-employment background checks under one service umbrella.

  • Medical device manufacturer Osprey Medical makes organ imaging processes safer for patients with at-risk kidney factors, including chronic kidney disease, diabetes, old age, and heart failure. Osprey wanted an easy criminal history screening strategy for screening job candidates before sending them into clinical or hospital settings.

  • Samson Dental Partners provides administrative, human resources, marketing, and technology support services to 30-plus dental practices. By providing such services, Samson Dental Partners seeks to help dental practices focus more on caring for their patients. Since Samson employees frequently handle client data and documents, the company needed a reliable background check company that could provide both criminal and alias searches.

  • Turning Point Clinic was one of the first methadone clinics in East Baltimore when it was founded in 2003. The clinic plays an important role in offering addiction treatment services to the city of Baltimore, often labeled “the heroin capital of America” by the media. For five years, Turning Point Clinic has been relying on to conduct criminal searches and aliases searches on its employees.

What They Love

Each of these medical organizations has found an invaluable partner in Many of them rely on us for a range of different services and appreciate how our dynamic capabilities make convenient background check services possible.

EHOB chose us in part because we could perform criminal history checks, employment verification checks, and education verifications—all under the same umbrella and through a single point of contact. Osprey Medical appreciates the ability to choose between tiers of business background check packages depending on the nature of the position the company is trying to fill.

How Can Help Your Medical Organization

Whether you are running an independent medical or dental practice, a medical device manufacturing company, or a hospital, you can trust to help you with the pre-employment screening process. Our versatile array of background check products makes it easy to tailor a multifaceted vetting policy for your business.

Our goal is simple: to help you screen and retain talent to defend the trust that you have built with the patients, clients, or customers that you serve. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

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  • May 10 The experiences of our clients in the medical space show how businesses in the medical field rely on to protect the sense of trust that defines their missions and models.