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By Michael Klazema on 6/7/2019

For Industrial Companies, Background Checks Are Key for Compliance, Client Satisfaction, and Due Diligence

Industrial manufacturing, service, and construction companies span multiple industries, including aviation, communications, oil and gas, power and electricity, and maritime. What industrial businesses have in common across all industries is the need to hire the right people for the job.

At, multiple satisfied clients in our network fall into the industrial manufacturing, service, and construction niche. These companies depend on our services to achieve due diligence, client satisfaction, customer safety, regulatory compliance, and dependable industrial hiring.

What They Needed

  • STS Aviation Group works with airlines and aircraft operators worldwide to provide an array of services and solutions. From aircraft engineering to maintenance and repair to workforce management, STS Aviation is a jack-of-all-trades in the industry. The business is also legally required, under aviation and aerospace industry regulations, to conduct background checks on its employees.
  • MasTec USG is a utilities infrastructure company involved in countless infrastructure construction projects across the country, including in communications, oil and gas, power, and water and sewer. The company manages a workforce of more than 22,000 professionals nationwide—and expanding even further depends on upholding strong vetting and hiring practices.

  • Riley Power Group offers maintenance and construction services to a variety of different industries including power generation companies and defense contractors. The company has an extensive pre-screening process for all its applicants, including medical qualification assessments, skills tests, and background checks. Often, Riley Power Group employees need to meet specific security clearance requirements to be eligible to work with clients.

  • Prism Maritime provides professional services to maritime clients, many of them military-affiliated. These services include engineering, research and development, technical assistance, and modernization. According to HR Specialist Annie Rosso, Prism Maritime is obligated to run background checks on all employees “in order for them to receive certificates to get onto bases for naval ship modernization work.” This vetting process includes criminal background checks and employment history verifications.

  • CableCom is an industry leader in network cabling and the construction of fiber optic networks. The company’s installations span numerous network categories including communications, security, and automated building controls. CableCom contracts with Comcast and must ensure that all job candidates meet Comcast requirements. Employees regularly work in the field in businesses, neighborhoods, or homes. The company depends on a reliable background check process to maintain its high hiring standards.

In each case, delivered a robust suite of dependable, versatile employee vetting resources to solve pain points and defend stringent hiring standards in the industrial sector.

What They Love

Borjana Carney, who serves as HR coordinator for CableCom, praised for being “very good at obtaining records and communicating with clients.” Our system allows businesses to see processing stage items and request status updates on background checks online without having to place a call. This efficient setup allows companies including CableCom to get at-a-glance updates on background screenings, which assist with hiring timelines, compliance, and other critical considerations.

The human resources team at Riley Power Group appreciated similar elements of and praised our customer service, calling us “a great aid” for meeting tight security compliance requirements.

How We Can Help Your Industrial Business

Whether your company builds aircraft parts, services naval ships, or constructs state-of-the-art networks, can help you meet both internal and external standards for employee vetting. Contact us today to learn how our dynamic range of background check services can benefit your industrial business.

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