Celebrate the Holidays by Keeping Your Business Safe

By Michael Klazema on 12/12/2019

When the holidays approach, flurries of activity often accompany flurries of snow. With uncountable numbers hitting the roads to shop and travel, the holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year, especially in the retail sector. While that often means increased revenue, it also means that your business will face higher demand in every aspect of its operations. How can you ensure that you usher in the end of the year with a safe, successful holiday season? 

Don't Skip Background Checks During the Seasonal Hiring Rush

Staffing up for the holidays is a process that often starts weeks or even months before the winter holidays arrive, but turnover and fluctuating demand may keep your hiring team busy well into the season. Although it can be tempting to rush through the process to put more temp workers on the floor, don't skip your due diligence. 

Criminal history reports such as the state-level information available through can help you to identify problematic hires before they become a part of your organization. Many people seek work during the holidays, but not everyone will be a good fit for every company. Keep diligently using the tools that let you tell the two groups apart. 

Consider Bringing on Extra Security

Watching out for internal threats is essential, but don't forget about keeping your hourly employees and shoppers safe from external ones. The holiday season often means lots of merchandise on display—an attractive sight for would-be thieves. To help cut down on shrinkage and altercations due to shoplifting, you may want to temporarily hire extra security. 

You may choose to engage a third-party company or augment your in-house team. When hiring security officers, always use professional license verification and other tools to confirm qualifications. 

Train Staff to Deal with Seasonal Concerns

While training seasonal employees, don't stick to the same onboarding plan that you use for regular associates. Instead, pay special attention to concerns such as shoplifting prevention, customer conflict resolution, and delivering exemplary service during peak periods. Emotions can run high when shoppers feel stressed, and training employees to deal gracefully with belligerence can help to reduce the likelihood of seasonal incidents that tarnish your business’s reputation. 

Plan for Less Seasonal Stress

The best way to make it through the holidays unscathed is to establish firm guidelines ahead of time. From developing a seasonal hire training plan to assessing your security needs, there is much to do—but establishing a successful policy now will allow you to rely on it this season and in the years to come. 

At, we can support your efforts to enjoy a safe season with robust criminal history reporting products such as our US OneSEARCH, which provides background check instant results. With proper policies in place and an eager team behind you, your business will be ready to open its doors wide and wish everyone happy holidays.

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