Hiring Efficiently in Industries Facing High Coronavirus-Related Demand

By Michael Klazema on 5/5/2020

Despite record-high unemployment numbers and growing signs of a recession, some businesses are facing a shortage of workers at a critical juncture. With unprecedented levels of demand triggered by the spread of the coronavirus, industries from meatpacking to security need to bring more people on board quickly. Although a sudden uptick in demand often creates an urgent need to staff up rapidly, employers must continue to exercise caution in hiring. This caution is especially critical for some of the business sectors facing virus-related demand surges. 

For example, after hospitality-sector businesses faced massive layoffs, social distancing guidelines and closures left many buildings standing empty. As a result, the need for private security services increased. The security sector is an excellent example of why efficient hiring processes are even more vital during the pandemic. With applications increasing by more than 15% compared to last year according to Allied Universal, a California security provider, the likelihood of encountering potentially unsuitable individuals increases for security industry employers. 

When a job involves entrusting someone with the care of a third party's property, ascertaining his or her trustworthiness is a critical step. Even with an urgent need to provide more security for empty properties, it is still necessary for all employers to select only the right people to fill those roles. 

Under pressing circumstances, some hiring managers may consider waiving or reducing requirements—but the appropriate tools for employee background checks mitigate the need for a risky approach. Investigating an applicant's criminal history with technology such as the US OneSEARCH by ensures rapid results for quick decision-making. 

Creating a safe work environment and avoiding future claims of negligent hiring practices must remain critical considerations for employers. Even in the rush to support communities with essential goods and services, companies must take care to protect their own interests and employees.

Hiring managers must remember that fair hiring rules aren't suspended during a pandemic. States and cities with "ban the box" laws have not waived the requirement to hold an interview and extend a job offer before conducting a background check. In many areas, in-person interviews are not advisable, but businesses may leverage any popular remote video conferencing platforms to carry out initial assessments before ordering their criminal history reports. 

With continued demand forcing essential industries to adapt their policies for hiring and employee background checks, the right vetting tools are essential for employers to acquire. supplies robust reporting products capable of providing instant results across many counties and states. Reduce time-to-hire without sacrificing confidence in the suitability of every candidate and equip your business with the tools to scale up for success during COVID-19 and beyond.

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