Background Checks to Work at Pitney Bowes

By Michael Klazema on 6/24/2020

Pitney Bowes is a brand synonymous with technological innovation in the postage industry. In 1902, founder Arthur Pitney patented the world’s first-ever postage-stamping machine. A few years later, Walter Bowes started making a mark with his stamp-canceling machines. The two eventually brought their businesses together and, in April 1920, formed Pitney Bowes. One hundred years later, the brand remains the foremost name in postage meters and other postage solutions such as shipping and receiving software, online postage, and office equipment.

If you are seeking a job with Pitney Bowes, learn all about the company’s employee background checks and its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jobs and Employee Background Checks at Pitney Bowes

According to Fortune, the Stamford, Connecticut-headquartered Pitney Bowes sees annual revenues of nearly $3.5 billion and employs approximately 12,000 people globally. Pitney Bowes states that its products support more than 1 million businesses worldwide, including 90 percent of the Fortune 500.

Jobs with the company typically fall into four categories: sales, engineering, corporate, or operations. Most Pitney Bowes offices and warehouses can be found in the United States, from Los Angeles to Phoenix to Atlanta and beyond. However, as a multinational company, Pitney Bowes also lists jobs in several other parts of the world, including Ireland, France, Poland, India, and China.

Candidates should expect to face background checks to work at Pitney Bowes. Pitney Bowes is a mail/postage business that works closely with the United States Postal Service and touts highly secure mail services. The company’s employee background check policies reflect this priority, and many employees are even required to pass a multi-tiered security check before they can begin working. That process may involve not just a criminal history background check and verifications of employment and education, but also birth certificate and SSN validations, driver’s license or passport checks, and more.

Jobs that don’t involve work on government contracts may not have the same lofty background check requirements, but candidates should still be prepared for thorough vetting. Drug testing is typically required as part of background checks to work at Pitney Bowes.

Are you wondering what kind of information your Pitney Bowes background check might turn up about you? If so, consider running a self-check through We offer easy self-vetting services for both criminal history and driving records.

Pitney Bowes and COVID-19

Pitney Bowes says on its website that it “remains fully operational” and is continuing to process job applications under COVID-19. However, candidates may experience a delay in response from Pitney Bowes. The company also notes that it is conducting virtual, video, and phone interviews “wherever possible.”



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