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  • April 06 — Idaho State University recently instituted a background check policy for faculty members and other full-time staff. Previously, the school only conducted reference checks.
  • February 14 — The schools in the University of Wisconsin System are considering criminal background checks for all student applicants. The deliberation was sparked by protests responding to a student on the UW-Madison campus who tried to start a white nationalist group.
  • January 23 — The University of Illinois expanded its background check policy to include all employees last year. One year into the policy, the university is looking back at the statistics.
  • November 09 — To address a recent sexual assault on campus, members of a fraternity at Iowa's Luther College are starting a "buddy system" where they will offer to walk fellow students across campus at night. Before the service can start, though, the administration is requiring thorough background checks of all of the fraternity's members.
  • September 14 — For the past few years, the University of Illinois has been in the process of revamping its criminal background check policies for new hires. Now, the university's Board of Trustees has officially approved the change, to take effect in October of this year.
  • May 06 — The University of Illinois is implementing new background check policies that will require every employee to be screened during the hiring process. Many current faculty members have their reservations about the decision, though, ranging from privacy concerns to worries about employment discrimination.
  • April 17 — A school district in Pennsylvania has decided to continue reimbursing volunteers for background check expenses, after reviewing the policy. The district spends approximately $2,500 a year on volunteer background checks.
  • April 15 — A college in Virginia gave a student worker access to a huge database of student and alumni information, not knowing she was a convicted embezzler. Since the school doesn't run background checks on work-study employees, those charges were able to pass by unnoticed.
  • February 01 — A registrar's office employee with the City University of New York was recently arrested for stealing from a student. It turned out the woman had an extensive criminal career that the school didn't know about because it hadn't run any background check.
  • September 08 — A golf coach at Central Michigan University was recently removed from his post when administrators discovered that he had lied about his educational history. The coach in question had never graduated from college, and most university coaching positions require a bachelor's degree.