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  • March 08 — On September 26, 2016, the state of California passed Assembly Bill 1843 that amended the Labor Code by prohibiting employers from asking an applicant for employment to disclose certain juvenile records. The amended Labor Code has been effective since January 1, 2017.
  • December 20 — The Mayor of Los Angeles recently signed into law an initiative that bans the box for private employers. The law also forces private employers to follow an eight-point list of considerations recommended by the EEOC before making any adverse employment decisions based on criminal history.
  • November 27 — The California State University system requires student workers across its 23 campuses to meet many of the same employment screening standards as faculty members and other employees. Student body organizations on CSU campuses, though, view the requirements as unfair, expensive, and overly time consuming.
  • November 04 — California Governor Brown vetoed two legislative bills last week that would have limited information available to employers and impacted the hiring process.
  • September 22 — A charter school in the San Jose area has been temporarily shut down after an employee was arrested for molesting a student. The school, evidently, had failed to run background checks before opening this past August.
  • September 08 — A computer crash at the Tehama County Superior Courthouse in Red Bluff, California in July created long-lasting problems with the county's criminal background check processing. But how come employers couldn't go elsewhere for applicant background checks?
  • December 31 — In September, a county court in California had a huge background check backlog, causing month-long delays for processing checks. Since then, the issue has improved slightly, but the real question is how the backlog ever got to be so substantial.
  • October 30 — A man guilty of making terrorist threats against minorities in the past was recently discovered applying to lead a human rights committee in a California town. The town is not rightfully considering background checks for committee and commission volunteers.