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  • December 20 — The Mayor of Los Angeles recently signed into law an initiative that bans the box for private employers. The law also forces private employers to follow an eight-point list of considerations recommended by the EEOC before making any adverse employment decisions based on criminal history.
  • October 16 — An contractor in Boston recently fired nearly 40 drivers based on criminal background check findings. Amazon is facing a potential lawsuit for the summary dismissals, which opponents say violated both the EEOC and the FCRA.
  • April 21 — The Department of Housing and Urban Development is pushing new rules that would crack down on landlords and their ability to judge housing applicants based on background checks. The new guidance policies would essentially replicate what the EEOC is already doing in the employment sector.
  • February 23 — A county in Washington recently accused an office worker in the drug court of forging $8,000 worth of government vouchers for gas and clothes. The worker in question had two forgery felonies on her record, but the county didn't ever run a check on her due to a misunderstanding of EEOC regulations.