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  • November 23 — A recent study shows that most states have gaps in their policies for disciplining or reporting doctors charged with sexual misconduct. Some don't have adequate background check policies in place.

  • November 15 — A real estate broker and business owner in South Carolina is facing charges for kidnapping and at least seven murders. He is a sex offender and convicted rapist. His criminal history did not stop him from getting a realtor's license 10 years ago.
  • November 11 — Electric Boat, the company that builds submarines for the United States Navy, is facing a sizable background check backlog. The backlog is rooted in a shortage of background investigators at the Office of Personnel Management.
  • November 08

    Every year in the fall, South Carolina hosts a workshop designed to help ex-criminal offenders get back on their feet and find employment. This year's Second Chance Forum was held on Thursday, November 3rd in the city of Greenville. Per a report from WSPA News, this year's event marked the sixth annual workshop. The event originated in 2010 with the sponsorship of the South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole, and Pardon Services and State Senator Karl Allen.

  • November 07 — The Colorado Nursing Agency wants background checks to be a state policy for individuals trying to earn their nursing licenses. Colorado is among 14 states that don't require background checks as part of their nurse licensing processes.
  • November 06 — A family in Texas is suing a gymnastics gym for negligence based on the allegation that their daughter was sexually assaulted by a coach in 2010. The coach was convicted of child pornography last year and sentenced to 60 years in prison.
  • November 06 — A North Carolina nonprofit is fighting for ban the box legislation. Right now, 10 jurisdictions in the state have a ban the box ordinance on the books.
  • November 02 — Kentucky is considering a policy change that would require background checks for all workers at youth-serving camps. That proposal—among others—was recently presented to a House of Representatives task force dedicated to preventing child abuse.
  • October 31 Uber left Bay County, Florida a year and a half ago over background check and vehicle inspection disputes. Now, several cities in the area are looking for ways to potentially lure the ride-sharing service back.
  • October 18 — As of October 1st, the National Background Investigations Bureau has officially taken the job of federal background checks from the Office of Personnel Management. The NBIB is making the security of background check data a top priority as it inherits the OPM's responsibilities.