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  • September 20 — Two New York nursing homes are in hot water this week after former aides were arrested for taunting and photographing residents in demeaning positions. One of the homes has failed to complete background checks of its employees in the past.
  • September 19 — Residents from the Tampa, Florida area have started a petition to fight back against pending ridesharing regulations. The regulations could cause popular services like Uber and Lyft to leave the area.
  • September 16 — Webster, Massachusetts is in the midst of a search for a new town administrator. There is some concern from townspeople and members of the selection committee that the town's background check policies for the role violate federal law.
  • September 06 — There is a measure on the ballot in Arkansas this fall that could add a medical tort reform amendment to the state constitution. A lawsuit alleges that the signatures for the petition that got the measure on the ballot were collected by canvassers who did not have the necessary background checks.
  • September 05 — The California Legislature recently approved a bill that would require ridesharing companies to be considerably stricter with their background checks. The legislation will now move to the governor for final approval.
  • September 02 — Indiana's State Superintendent of Public Instruction is making safe schools a core part of her reelection platform. She recently stated that she would push for expanded teacher background checks and repeat background checks for school personnel, among other policy changes.
  • August 26 — Massachusetts Bans Employers from Asking about Salary History in Job Interviews
  • August 19 — A faith-based organization in Duluth, Minnesota is fighting to help ex-criminal offenders find places to live. The organization wants to create a financial program to reimburse landlords for any damages caused by ex-offenders.
  • August 18 — The Indiana General Assembly is currently considering several proposals that would expand background checks for school personnel in the state. One proposal would add background checks at the teacher licensing stage and another would require districts to re-check employees once every five years.
  • August 16 — A ruling from the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals says that federal judges do not have the authority to expunge federal criminal convictions. Congress would need to pass a bill to give judges that power.