With unsurpassed technology, data sources, and customer support, there is no better single-source screening available. Period.

backgroundchecks.com offers all types of background checks, including criminal background checks, to businesses and individuals. With a combination of at-the-source record searches and the industry’s #1 criminal conviction database*. You can be confident that the information you receive is comprehensive, accurate and timely.

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The industry’s #1 criminal conviction database* from backgroundchecks.com contains more than 500 million criminal records from over 1,000 sources, including county court records, state repositories, departments of corrections (DOC), administrative office of courts (AOC), state sex and violent offender registries, government exclusion and terrorist watch lists, and more. While county records are the best and most accurate source for obtaining up-to-date criminal history, many crimes occur outside the county of residency in places where people worked or traveled. Our database is a cost-effective tool for companies to scan millions of records from multiple jurisdictions nationwide and quickly take the search from one or two jurisdictions to hundreds.

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Why Are We Different?

We understand small and large businesses’ background screening needs. Our client-relations and sales teams can help you customize a background check with your budget, time-service, and industry needs in mind. Our timely direct court searches combined with our daily updated multi-jurisdictional criminal database of over 500 million records and growing will help your business hire and retain individuals who meet your company’s criteria. Besides excelling at criminal database searches, we also provide at-the-source criminal record checks such as county, state, and federal searches to help customize a screening program to your needs. In addition, we provide other common pre-employment screening options, such as driving records, credit reports, employment and education verifications, reference checks, drug screening, and more. We pride ourselves on our US-based client-relations team and the fact that we do not off-shore our processing of your orders and never send data you provide us overseas for any of our U.S.-based service offerings.


backgroundchecks.com works behind the scenes with hundreds of consumer reporting agencies, transferring our criminal data through a web services gateway. This allows background screeners to clear thousands of people every day without ever touching the report. Our portfolio includes some of the largest background screening companies and we continue to meet the expectations of their growing business.

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* Based on a comparison of the number of sources of conviction data for online criminal conviction databases that make their source list publicly available.

Latest News

  • August 20

    A recent breach of a background check company contracted by the Salvation Army, among other organizations and companies, may have compromised the sensitive personal information of 100,000 people nationwide, according to a recent report from a Georgia CBS affiliate. Sources say that the background check company had information about their clients' employees and applicants on a laptop that was stolen out of a car, all the way back in May. Information contained on the computer ranged from personal details like names, addresses, and dates of birth, to more even more sensitive information, like Social Security Numbers. In the wrong hands, the information could lead to identity theft and other fraudulent crimes.Salvation Army, the well-known Christian charitable organization with locations and presences all over the world, was just one of the many clients of the breached background check company. In fact, according to the CBS report, only 86 Salvation Army applicants were even compromised, j ...

  • August 17 — NYC is fleshing out the vetting policies for its pre-K education programs. The city launched an effort to provide universal pre-K education last year, and new changes to the vetting procedure will ensure better employee background checks, more thorough building inspections, and more.
  • August 16 — Delaware's Governor recently signed a piece of legislation into law that will call for stricter background checks for employees and volunteers with youth-serving entities throughout the state. The legislation was named in honor of former Delaware Attorney General, Beau Biden, who made it a focus of his time in office to go after child sexual abusers.