Are Applicants Background Checking Your Business?

For some people, finding a place to work is about taking any available opportunity and building upward from there. However, for many others, selecting a workplace is a careful process. Especially for career professionals, moving to another company often means looking at more than just the compensation package. These job-seekers are after more than just a paycheck—they want and need an excellent employer.

While your business concerns itself with how to identify the best candidates and ensure that you can establish enough trust to hire them, those same candidates might be busy doing their own prospective employee "background check" on your business. Considering what applicants look for can help inform what you should expect—and perhaps even drive changes in how you work. So what does this informal check usually involve?

Speaking With Current Employees

Many corporations have official programs that allow applicants in the hiring process to converse with existing employees. Even if such a program doesn't exist, applicants might still know someone in the business or seek someone out to learn about the company. If you run your own program, you can select team members who are most excited to share what they love.

Looking at How You Conduct Due Diligence

Some people will look carefully at how you vet those during the hiring process before they apply. For example, when do you conduct criminal background checks? In areas without "ban the box" laws, running background checks before an interview or any other consideration could dissuade some qualified applicants from even putting their name in the ring. In other cases, a reputation for an onerous background check process that takes a long time to complete can also be a deciding factor.

Applicants may also check whether you conduct drug testing. With shifting attitudes towards marijuana and changing laws, testing can also keep some applicants away—but ultimately, it remains your company's choice.

Checking Online Review Websites

Websites such as GlassDoor offer anonymous reviews of the working experience within many companies. Some of these reviews can provide key insights, while others can come from disgruntled employees. Keeping an eye on what others say about your business on these sites is important to understand how potential newcomers might perceive your business. Of course, it can also be a valuable source of feedback—and an opportunity to make your business more attractive to talented workers.

Key Takeaways From a Growing Trend

Attracting top talent is always a concern for business owners. It is essential to recognize that additional factors can influence or attract professionals in combination with a good compensation package. Applicants look at the culture you create and the steps you take to foster a safe and capable work environment. Building a smart approach is essential—and a fast, flexible, and reliable background check process that does not delay hiring is a vital part of a successful strategy.

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