Case Study: Family-Oriented Nonprofit Relies on for Thorough Pre-Employment Screening

The Family Resource Center of North Mississippi (FRCNMS) is a nonprofit organization based in Tupelo, Mississippi. The organization was founded on the belief that families are the heart of a community and that promoting healthy families leads to healthy communities. To help ensure happy, healthy families and strong communities, FRCNMS provides educational support services to parents and other family members. Parents can work with the organization to learn about their children’s growth and development, discovering more effective parenting strategies along the way. FRCNMS offers youth development programs, domestic violence support groups, conflict resolution programs, addiction recovery programs, and other important services.

When it comes to screening and vetting new employees, FRCNMS needs to be vigilant and thorough. The organization is all about offering a safe, supportive, and friendly space for families to learn and grow. Many jobs with the organization also involve working closely with children and teenagers, making the pre-employment screening process vital. FRCNMS is also funded by state and federal grants, which means its background check processes need to meet more than one set of standards.

In June 2017, when FRCNMS needed a new background check provider, the organization turned to They required a background check service that would integrate effectively into an already-thorough hiring process—one that includes an in-depth application and interview process as well as state and federal documentation requirements. FRCNMS chose and our US OneVERIFY service. This service searches our proprietary database of more than 550 million criminal records, spanning all 50 states, Guam, Puerto Rico, and Washington DC. If our search yields any matches, we go directly to the source to verify those records before we report them.

According to Bonnie Jo Maharrey, who oversees facility operations at FRCNMS, the organization has been extremely pleased with US OneVERIFY and Our checks have already helped the company spot red flags that led to the rejection of several unfit job candidates. Bonnie says our services have been “very highly approved” by all the FRCNMS state, federal, and financial grant auditors. As for the usability of our services, Bonnie was extremely complimentary of the website, our background check report format, our easy invoicing and billing process, and our quick, responsive customer support team.

By providing thorough and affordable criminal background check services to FRCNMS, has helped the nonprofit organization maintain a safe and welcoming environment for the educational and support services it provides. At, we believe adamantly in supporting healthy families and communities, and we are proud to work with this positive and valuable organization.

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