Case Study | Regional Petroleum Company Trusts to Vet Employees

Jacobs Petroleum Products is a regional petroleum company that operates throughout Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, and Maryland. As a wholesale supplier and distributor, Jacobs Petroleum Products delivers gasoline, diesel fuel, heating oil, propane, kerosene, and other petroleum products to commercial and residential clients throughout its regional service area. These deliveries can go to homes, businesses, farms, drilling sites, fueling stations, and other key locations. Jacobs Petroleum Products also operates multiple convenience stores and even manages a Subway restaurant.

Put simply, the employees of Jacobs Petroleum Products carry a lot of responsibility and have frequent contact with customers, whether in a retail setting or during delivery calls. The company’s hiring also tends to be segmented since individual store managers are responsible for hiring talent for their own stores. In this employment landscape, Jacobs Petroleum Products needed a reliable and effective way to screen its new hires for criminal infractions and other red flags.

Eight years ago, Jacobs Petroleum Products adopted as its background check provider. Ever  since,  the company has been using our “Basic” background check package to vet all its new hires. The package includes an alias search, background checks through our 550-million-record multi-jurisdictional criminal history database, sex offender registry searches in all 50 states (as well as Washington DC, Guam, and Puerto Rico), and searches of terrorist watch lists and other national and international security watch lists. We also verify each candidate’s identity through a Social Security Number validation check.

According to Lisa Haines, Administrative Assistant for Jacobs Petroleum Products, the company is very happy it found For eight years, our checks have worked well for Jacobs Petroleum Products and have helped the company vet its new hires in an effectively and responsibly. Haines says Jacobs Petroleum has disqualified several red flag candidates over the years thanks to the information and insight provided by our background checks.

Employees at companies such as Jacobs Petroleum Products have high levels of responsibility whether they are hauling bulk shipments of fuel or helping customers in person. That level of responsibility means risk for any business, but strong background checks can help limit that risk, control liability, and protect a company’s branding and customer base. At, we are glad to help companies control their risk profiles and focus on what they do best.

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