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The Safran Group is a massive multinational aerospace and  defense  company based in France. The company formed in 2005 through a merger between SNECMA, a major aircraft and rocket manufacturer, and SAGEM, a telecommunications company with ties to the  defense  industry. Today, the Safran Group is known for aerospace propulsion systems, aircraft equipment, and UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) systems among other products and systems. The business has more than 58,000 employees worldwide.

The products the Safran Group manufactures can have major implications for aircraft safety and worldwide security. As such, the company needs to be extremely careful and deliberate about who it trusts to join the organization.

Two years ago, Safran Landing Systems called on to assist in the vetting of its new employees. Safran Landing Systems is a subsidiary of the Safran Group that focuses on designing, manufacturing, and supporting landing gear, wheels, and brakes for aircraft entities around the world. According to Safran Landing Systems, the subsidiary has partnerships with “30 leading commercial, military, business, and regional airframers.” Those partners account for more than 27,000 aircraft and more than 54,000 landings per day. At, we serve the segment of Safran Landing Systems that overhauls and repairs wheels and brakes for  airplanes .

Safran Landing Systems requires thorough background checks for all prospective employees. Once the company chooses a candidate, that person receives an offer letter and is asked to consent to a background check. The check includes a criminal database search spanning 550 million criminal records nationwide, 164 sex offender registries, and more than 100 national and international terrorist watchlists. It also includes an alias check, a Social Security Number validation, and additional criminal history searches based on alternate names discovered through these checks. Safran Landing Systems also requires prospective employees to go through a drug screening.

Sarah Winebrenner, Human Resources Manager for Safran Landing Systems, praised and our background screening services for their thoroughness and the resulting easy-to-read reports. She said Safran Landing Systems has rescinded employment offers based on information found on our reports. By identifying red flags and helping Safran Landing Systems hire with confidence and trust, we do our part in safeguarding the security of their globally significant products and services.

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