Florida Mentor l A Case Study

Florida Mentor is an organization based in Boynton Beach, Florida that offers services supporting adults living with intellectual or developmental disabilities. The organization provides an array of programs to these individuals including counseling, therapy, case management, development of life skills, advocacy services, community integration, and structured activities. Collectively, these program offerings are aimed at helping adults with disabilities grow, learn, stay healthy, and become more independent in their day-to-day lives. Florida Mentor is a partner of the National Mentor Healthcare network.

In addition to these programming opportunities, Florida Mentor provides transportation services to the population it serves. Three years ago, the organization sought out backgroundchecks.com to provide motor vehicle background checks for its employees. The organization was already vetting the people it hired thoroughly, using other services and databases for criminal history checks and background information. For employees driving passengers from point A to point B, Florida Mentor needed to add driving history checks.

While motor vehicle record searches are less common in most pre-employment screenings than criminal history checks, they can be critical in certain situations. In the case of Florida Mentor, driving history checks help the organization protect the safety of the people it serves while minimizing legal liability.

According to Donna Conn, the state office manager for Florida Mentor, the organization has rejected several candidates based on information gleaned through backgroundchecks.com’s driving history checks. Our checks have helped Florida Mentor put safer drivers on the road and allowed the organization to provide superior services to clients seeking transportation solutions. Conn says she appreciates backgroundchecks.com for its easy-to-use interface and “excellent customer service.”

At backgroundchecks.com, we are proud to offer services to organizations like Florida Mentor going out of their way to help underserved and at-risk populations. By providing accurate and up-to-date driving history checks, we can help these organizations do their work and keep their customers and clients safe.

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