Fort Worth Security Company Uses Background Checks to Vet Security Guards for Its Clients | Case Study

Fort Worth Security Company Uses Background Checks to Vet Security Guards for Its Clients

Based in Fort Worth, Texas, DFW Security Protective Force (DFWSPF) is a family-owned business that provides security guards to a variety of business and organizations in the Fort Worth area and throughout the United States. From construction companies to factories to government sites, DFWSPF plays an instrumental role in protecting the premises and assets of its clients. DFWSPF has a clear obligation to provide clients with qualified security guards they can trust. To ensure the best hires, DFWSPF has implemented a stringent employee screening process—one that includes background searches through

According to Alysha Pierot , HR Assistant for DFWSPF, the company’s screening process for prospective security guards is quite in-depth. In addition to interviews, the process includes checks to make sure all licenses are up to date, a criminal history search, and extensive new employee training. DFWSPF trusts for the criminal history part of this important equation.

Pierot says DFWSPF pays very close attention to which guards it is pairing with which businesses. By pointing out red flags on candidate records, criminal background checks, help the company narrow down its applicant pool and choose the right security guards for each client.

“We have to make sure that the people we hire are good fits for the company, with no major indiscretions on their record,” Pierot says. “This is reassuring to our clients as well.”

In most cases, DFWSPF uses the “Basic” package. This product package includes a search of our US OneSEARCH database (a collection of more than 550 million criminal conviction records) as well as searches of dozens of sex offender registries and national or international security watch lists. The Basic check also includes Social Security Number validation and alias searching.

Pierot  notes that, occasionally, DFWSPF will opt for the next tier of background check package—the “Better” offering. This check includes everything that comes with the Basic package plus one county-level criminal records search.  Pierot  says the DFWSPF uses this added verification when the company is hiring security guards for high-profile government sites.

A company like DFWSPF needs reliable employee background check services not just to protect itself but also to protect its clients. By relying on, DFWSPF is ensuring hires that its clients can trust with their most important security needs.  Pierot  says the business is very pleased with—especially our Basic background check and our responsive customer support options—and plans to continue using our services in the future.

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