Frozen Yogurt Store Maintains Family-Friendly Atmosphere with the Help of Background Checks | Case Study

Mindy Reich is one of the proprietors of Pure Point Interests, LLC, which owns and operates an Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt franchise in The Woodlands, Texas. Across the nation, Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt maintains a cheerful, family-friendly image and atmosphere. From the company’s  bright-colored  iconography to its delectable frozen  yogurt   flavors , Orange Leaf is, according to its motto, “all about making life sweeter.”

As a franchise owner, Reich has responsibilities to the corporate Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt brand. At the same time, she is a local business owner with a personal presence in The Woodlands community. These statuses come with commitments to safety, quality service, and overall strong customer experience. To ensure Pure Point Interests lives up to the family-friendly reputation of Orange Leaf, Reich and her business partners run background checks on job candidates before extending offers of employment. Reich trusts to perform this crucial function for her business.

When Reich started looking for a background check provider for her Orange Leaf franchise location, she wanted something simple and user-friendly that could still provide a detailed background search. fit the bill. For the past four years—ever since Reich and her business partners purchased their Orange Leaf franchise—Pure Point Interests has relied on to vet its new hires.

One factor Reich appreciates about is our packages. While we offer background check services on an a la carte basis, businesses can also purchase cost-effective bundles. Reich and Pure Point Interests rely on our Basic check, which includes a search of more than 550 million criminal records, an alias check, a Social Security Number validation check, and checks of sex offender registries and terrorist watch lists. Reich says the ease of purchase on our background check packages is second-to-none, and she appreciates that she can order checks online without having to pick up the phone.

Over the years, has helped Pure Point Interests weed out potentially dangerous candidates. Reich says she has rejected candidates based on information gleaned from our background check reports. Along the way, she and her business partners have successfully established Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt as a fixture in The Woodlands. The franchise upholds the welcoming and family-friendly reputation of the Orange Leaf brand, and is partially to thank.

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