South Florida Communications Company Depends on to Find Safe and Trustworthy Job Candidates │ A Case Study

Providence Wireless is a multifaceted business that offers services related to cell towers and wireless broadcasting. Based in Coral Gables, Florida, the company regularly erects new cell towers, installs and tests cell tower antennas, inspects and repairs existing towers, and performs structural upgrades and tech modifications for tower systems. Beyond these cell tower services, Providence Wireless also offers services in radio work, electrical installation, civil construction, warehousing, and other types of logistics, and even technical staffing. When it comes to hiring new employees, Providence Wireless relies on for help with the vetting process.

Because Providence Wireless is such a versatile, multifaceted business, the company’s hiring processes are more complicated than those of many other employers. Some employees work internally while others take service calls and work out in the field, collaborating with cell tower owners and other clients. In some cases, businesses are outsourcing their technical staffing needs to Providence Wireless or relying on Providence to manage their products or goods.

Because of this complex hiring setup, Providence Wireless needs to be diligent about vetting and approving all new hires. The people the business hires are going into facilities owned by other companies, or even working for other businesses. To ensure a strong reputation and minimize liability risks, Providence Wireless uses employee vetting tools from

According to Tiffany Augusta at Providence Wireless, the company’s background check process revolves around two types of checks: county criminal history searches and driving history checks. Looking at criminal history helps Providence Wireless keep an eye out for individuals with histories of violence and other red flag offenses. Since Providence Wireless is trusting its employees with client goods, client facilities, and, ultimately, client relationships, the company needs to weed out potentially dangerous candidates. This need is especially pronounced in situations in which clients are using Providence Wireless as a staffing agency.

As for driving history checks, many jobs with Providence Wireless involve commuting around South Florida to service different cell tower sites. Providence Wireless needs to make sure the people it hires are safe drivers.

Augusta says they have rejected candidates in the past based on issues discovered through The company’s diligence in vetting candidates in this fashion assures clients that Providence Wireless can meet their needs and provide safe service.

Providence Wireless has been using for less than a year and has no plans to stop. The company has been thrilled with—from our user-friendly interface to the quick turnaround of our background check services. Augusta says is so intuitive and easy to use that she has yet to encounter a need to contact our customer service team.

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