The Best Recruiting or HR Tools for SMMEs

When it comes to attracting, recruiting, and hiring top talent, Small, Medium & Micro Enterprise businesses (SMMEs) are at a disadvantage compared to huge, well-known companies. Recognizable brands such as Salesforce in tech or Mayo Clinic in healthcare have no problem sourcing or retaining talent—in part because they offer great places to work, but also because they are already on the radar for job seekers across the country.

For smaller employers that don’t have the benefit of a household name, it’s essential to find other ways to gain an edge in recruiting and HR management. We explore an array of tools that your SMME can use to add value, source top talent, and effectively manage that talent. To view the full infographic click here.

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Michael Klazema

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Michael Klazema is the lead author and editor for Dallas-based with a focus on human resource and employment screening developments

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