Why Security Businesses Use backgroundchecks.com to Promote Secure Services | A Case Study

A security business needs to keep its clients safe. More than any other industry, security is defined by companies meeting a client’s expectations for safety, stability, and trust. At the same time, the functions that security companies serve can easily be exploited by those with malicious intentions. 

These companies are trusted to visit client premises in person to protect valuable assets and monitor alarm systems, video surveillance systems, and other aspects of security tech. They are put in charge of protecting vulnerable populations. A security professional who is either not qualified or not trustworthy enough to provide these services can put life, limb, property, money, sensitive information, and reputation at stake. 

For all these reasons, it is essential for security companies to be vigilant in how they vet prospective employees. At backgroundchecks.com, we are proud to provide employee screening for multiple companies in the security industry. 

What They Needed 

DFW Security Protective Force (DFWSPF) based in Fort Worth, Texas provides contract security guards to businesses and organizations. These guards are employed by DFWSPF but work at construction sites, government buildings, factories, and other client-owned premises. DFWSPF is responsible for hiring guards that its clients can trust, and the company requires a thorough and dependable background check process that can detect criminal history, verify licenses, and more. DFWSPF needed a background check company with which it could scale its checks to suit the higher security clearance requirements of certain clients, such as government agencies. 

Ackerman Security Systems sells “complete security solutions” for both home and business. Based in Atlanta, Georgia and serving the Atlanta metropolitan area, Ackerman provides services such as alarm and security system installation and monitoring, home automation, business access control systems, and video surveillance. In addition to providing these services, Ackerman stands behind its reputation as “the only security company in North America that pays you if you’re burglarized.” The company needed a background check service provider that it could count on to vet its employees thoroughly—especially those serving in security-sensitive positions such as system installation and alarm monitoring. 

What They Love 

DFWSPF HR assistant Alysha Pierot and Ackerman HR Generalist Nimoy Gennuso have both praised backgroundchecks.com for its versatility and scalability. DFWSPF mostly utilizes our “Basic” background check package but scales up to “Better” or “Premium” for clients with higher standards and needs. Ackerman uses a variety of services from across our offerings—including US OneVERIFY, county criminal history searches, US OneTRACE, and driving record checks—to assemble a well-rounded background check strategy. 

Another client, a major multi-million-dollar commercial and federal security company, declined to be identified for this case study but praised backgroundchecks.com for our intuitive website setup, our helpful customer service team, and the reliability of our US OneSEARCH service. “We are a security company that ensures the protection of many people,” said the facilitator who orders background checks for the business. “We want to protect those we serve. We can’t protect them if our employees aren’t trustworthy.” The company has been using US OneSEARCH for about eight years to vet its adult employees. 

Put Our Solutions to Work for Your Security Company 

Make sure your security business is as secure as it should be. At backgroundchecks.com, we offer a variety of background check services that are all perfectly suited to helping security companies tailor effective employee screening strategies. Contact us today to learn more.

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