VendorSAFE faqs

VendorSAFE is a fast, effective, easy way for the sponsor organization (you) to implement a responsible, FCRA-compliant, screening program for your vendor's and contractor's employees to protect your organization.

How do I know the contractor ordered the required products? can configure a custom background screening package for your organization that automatically issues a unique certificate upon completion of all required elements in a package.

How much customization do you offer as part of your VendorSAFE program?

For organizations participating in our VendorSAFE program we can customize one or more screening packages, including custom labeling of each package with name, description and logo. In addition, we typically host a customized landing page on our site for your program with onboarding and program information for the organizations signing up under your program. Beyond that we offer customized training and welcome communication campaigns.

How much does such a contractor credentialing program cost my organization?

We can deploy and launch a VendorSAFE contractor credentialing program for your organization completely free of charge.

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