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Today in our journey in continuing education, we’re going to tackle instant database search options which we consider to be the best and the brightest of national criminal databases.

Why is national criminal convication database the best and brightest?

For a few reasons. First, our instant criminal database products have a dedicated data acquisition team—One that actively searches for and accumulates sources. Second, records are refreshed within 10 days of being received by, increasing your compliance and your accuracy. Third, with over 400 million criminal records, over 900 million pictures and 748 sources, our database is without question one of the largest proprietary national criminal databases in the industry.

And in this case, bigger is certainly better.

A bigger database means more peace of mind for you, your company, and your clients. In truth, a bigger database means more records and more chance of finding that one record that gives you pause. That may sound like a negative, but let’s face it: you want to find those records. It’s the reason you hired us.

Our criminal conviction record database is national, but you may be wondering why you would need this when you’re running a county criminal history search as part of your pre-employment screening background check. It’s simple, really. While county criminal searches are perfect for digging deep and getting every available detail in targeted areas, they cannot return criminal conviction results from all across the country in one sweeping search. Our database does just that. In fact, by combining this powerful enhancer with a county criminal history search, hit rates are increased as much as 50%. (As a side note, please understand that we recommend this be run with a county criminal history search, not on a standalone basis!)

That’s no small factor, and it certainly helps protect you when it comes down to due diligence.

The next logical question, then, is “Why should I bother with a county criminal history search?” For now, let’s suffice to say that I promise you it is worth it, and we’ll discuss that the next time we write our question and answer blog article.

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