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Your screening needs vary by industry

Let us help you find the mix that’s right for you.

Choose the right reports for your organization

Balance your priorities for…

  • Thoroughness and confidence
  • Legal and regulatory compliance
  • Convenience
  • Speed
  • Cost

Regulations vary by industry and job role

Jobs in healthcare are likely to require more screening than in retail.Licensed professionals need more vetting than hourly laborers.

Check our industry-specific suggestions of screening reports that keep you compliant with laws and regulations.

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Some job roles require more assurance than others

Even if laws or regulations don’t require specific screens, it’s still vital to check candidates thoroughly to reduce risk.

See what screening reports we suggest for various jobs in your sector.

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Speed can make a big difference in hiring the best candidates

In your sector, fast turnaround may be more important than deep or thorough screening.

This is especially true when the demand for labor exceeds the supply. Or when you must scale your hiring to meet urgent growth goals or seasonal needs. See how you can get the speed you want, from instant delivery to results you get in 1 to 3 business days.

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Screening Efficiency

As you screen more candidates, you want more efficiency and lower prices

When you order more than a dozen reports a year, you can manage your account with less time and effort. You also qualify for volume discounts.

Arrange for discounted pricing. Use administrative apps that make it fast and easy to enter new orders, manage billing, automate processes, and more.

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Set up your own custom screening reports

If you don’t find an industry package that exactly fits your needs, create one.

Use our app to help set up your own custom packages. Then work with us to establish your fees and volume discounts.

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Discover the right screening reports for your industry.

We recommend based on your industry.


Manage Relationships

Ensure that vendors, contractors, and subcontractors hire to your standards.

Portals for vendors and subcontractors. Enable your vendors and subcontractors to manage their job-screening process consistently and to your standards. Sponsor pays nothing for the service.

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Sharpen your knowledge

Build your knowledge of regulations, laws, and trends. Get help making the right decisions.

Learning Center. Get online answers to your questions. Browse our thorough online knowledge resource.

Blog. Get email updates from our blog.

Compliance center. Get quarterly updates and introductions to important laws and regulations

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Protect your
image and brand

Be thorough. Be thoughtful. Take care of your customers and employees. Do the right things.

From your executive team to your front-line employees, provides role-specific reports that contain the data each manager wants to feel secure about hiring for their role. Each report is interactive.

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Be sure. Be confident. Be fast, efficient, and consistent.

Avoid errors and omissions with

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