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In choosing a provider of background checks, it may be hard to find the right mix of everything you want.

That’s why we offer a balance of  checkconfidence, checkconvenience, and  checkeconomy

The Solution

Behind what appears to be just a website, we operate what we call our platform.

The platform consists of these components:

  • An instant criminal database
  • A full set of automated solutions, including self-service portals and automated processes
  • Support services

Together, these elements of the platform help you manage 4 aspects of your screening:

  • Your risks
  • The speed of your screening process
  • Your administrative cost and efficiency
  • Your knowledge of and adherence to applicable laws and regulations.


Reduce your risks


Comply with laws and regulations.
Limit your liability. Protect the safety of your employees and customers.

Great employees build great organizations. Yet the hiring process involves several risks. We help you mitigate those risks. Our platform helps you do everything you can to ensure good hires. It helps you make the right choices at every step.
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Hire in accordance with laws, regulations, and industry standards.

We provide you with solutions to help you comply with laws and regulations.

Comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Disclose the backgroundcheck to your candidate or employee. Get their permission. And do it all electronically through our platform.

Send email notifications of adverse and pre-adverse findings.

You can customize your adverse action process in a number of ways. Change the business day delay and use custom notices.

Perform searches and checks appropriate for the job you’re filling.

We help you choose the right ones for various industries and job types.

Get fast, reliable results


Speed matters. Job screening
shouldn’t be a bottleneck.

If you hire a large number of people – especially in tight labor markets – you must make offers and fill positions fast. You can’t wait a long time for the results of searches and screenings before you extend an offer. Your best candidates will be gone if you do.
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Instant results.

Get many search results immediately, using our proprietary database of criminal convictions. For more comprehensive screening, get most results in 1 to 3 days.

Status updates.

Get updates on the status and expected arrival time of pending reports.

Job applicant self-service.

Send email invitations or set up custom landing pages so job applicants can enter their own information on mobile devices.

Pay with a credit card.

Don’t wait to get the invoicing set up and approved.

Reduce cost, increase efficiency

The more hiring you do, the more you care about cost and efficiency.

Custom report bundles.

Create a custom background check for each candidate. As your volume grows, work with our team to create custom packages for your organization.

Automated processes.

Once you’ve chosen the kinds of screening you want, set up processes that are fast and easy to repeat.

Fast, efficient order entry.

For standard search packages, place your orders fast and efficiently.

Self-management of your account.

Set up and administer your own account, without having to talk to anyone here.

Fast, convenient support to improve your screening.

Talk to someone on short notice. Get US-based customer service via phone and live chat.

User management.

Manage who in your company can order background checks and see their results.

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Manage relationships

Ensure that vendors, contractors, and subcontractors hire to your standards.

Portals for vendors and subcontractors. Enable your vendors and subcontractors to manage their job-screening process consistently and to your standards. Sponsor pays nothing for the service.

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Sharpen your knowledge

Build your knowledge of regulations, laws, and trends. Get help making the right decisions.

Learning Center. Get online answers to your questions. Browse our thorough online knowledge resource.

Blog. Get email updates from our blog.

Compliance center. Get quarterly updates and introductions to important laws and regulations

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Protect your image and brand

Be thorough. Be thoughtful. Take care of your customers and employees. Do the right things.

From your executive team to your front-line employees, backgroundchecks.com provides role-specific reports that contain the data each manager wants to feel secure about hiring for their role. Each report is interactive.
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Be sure. Be confident. Be fast, efficient, and consistent.

Avoid errors and omissions with backgroundchecks.com

More than 17,000 small and mid-sized businesses screen job candidates through backgroundchecks.com


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